HIIT Tennis

Played tennis AND racquetball yesterday and today. That’s about 2000 calories burned in 24 hours!! I love comics, lifting weights, and computer science, but above all, I love playing and watching tennis!!

I have tennis channel as my default channel. It’s normally the first and last channel I watch lol maybe a few premium movie channels sneak into my watch list but not too often lately, especially with the Australian Open going on. Venus’ semifinal win victory dance was everything!!!

Anyway, below are my Fitbit exercise logs from racquetball and tennis, respectively. 

HIIT Racquetball
HIIT Tennis
I love the embedded HIIT component of it. Go hard for 5-30 seconds on one point, rest 30 seconds to a minute, and repeat! My problem is that I have too much fun in high gear and my heart rate goes into muscle burning mode. I’m forcing myself to slow down in between points to get my heart rate lower. 

At least I’m having fun while getting in a quality workout!