List to Dict

I have a table with a list of scientific names that I want to replace with their generic names. I found the unique values in the list, exported to CSV, opened in excel and then wrote in their corresponding generic names. Like Biceps Brachiis is Biceps. Then I reimported into pandas to replace all the scientific names in the table with the generic names.

My issue came in coverting my two lists into a dictionary to use the panda.DataFrame.replace() function. StackOverflow to the rescue yet again! I’m am beyond happy the owners of this website have decided to always make this free. Continue reading


Make it work!

I’m importing a CSV file that contains lists within the rows. Pandas is importing the columns as strings and i need to convert them back to lists! Thankfully the list contents themselves are strings. 

After searching around, I discovered that I can delete the brackets and then split the string on the commas. Deleting the brackets was proving tough because I need to delete “[” and “]”. In R, I’m comfortable enough with regex in the gsub function but still getting comfortable doing ANYTHING in Python. Rather than import re or string, I went with the below answer.

Those were my initial thoughts but thought I was being lazy. Sometimes finding a specific way to complete a task is easier than a generic way. I’m sure re or string would have looked more compact but I’m just ready for my columns to be imported!!

Thank you StackOverflow đŸ˜˜

First foray into data mining comics!

I’ve been looking into getting a project started that really gets to me. I love learning, interested in languages, lifting weights, playing  tennis… and reading comics!

I did a quick google search for “comic book data sets” and came across this gem of a website.

Comic book db dot com home page
Home page for

I got access to their MySQL table and the quest now becomes importing this into Python. Thank you!